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Results: 1 - 50 of 53
The Isaac Directive
by Pierre Bordage (Author), Dan Golembeski (Translator)

by Laurence Suhner (Author), Sheryl Curtis (Translator)

Eyes Full of Empty
by Jérémie Guez (Author), Edward Gauvin (Translator)

Her Father's Daughter
by Marie (Author)

The Dishwasher
by Stéphane Larue (Author), Pablo Strauss (Translator)

Blue Self-Portrait
by Noémi Lefebvre (Author), Sophie Lewis (Translator)

The Greats
by Sylvain Prudhomme (Author), Jessica Moore (Translator)

Mama's Boy
by David Goudreault (Author), Jc Sutcliffe (Translator)

Thunder and Light
by Marie-Claire Blais (Author), Nigel Spencer (Translator)

These Festive Nights
by Marie-Claire Blais (Author), Sheila Fischman (Translator)

Blue White Red: A Novel
by Alain Mabanckou (Author), Alison Dundy (Translator)

And the Birds Rained Down
by Jocelyne Saucier (Author), Rhonda Mullins (Translator)

The Portrait
by Antoine Laurain (Author), Jane Aitken (Translator)

Reader for Hire
by Raymond Jean (Author), Adriana Hunter (Translator)

Document 1
by François Blais (Author), Jc Sutcliffe (Translator)

Gallic Noir
by Pascal Garnier (Author), Emily Boyce (Translator), Melanie Florence (Translator), Svein Clouston (Translator)

In the Shadow of the Fire
by Herve Le Corre (Author), Tina Kover (Translator)

Mansour's Eyes
by Ryad Girod (Author), Chris Clarke (Translator)

Upstaged (French Literature Series)
by Jacques Jouet (Author), Leland de la Durantaye (Translator)

Radiant Terminus
by Antoine Volodine (Author), Jeffrey Zuckerman (Translator)

The Electric Baths
by Jean-Michel Fortier (Author), Katherine Hastings (Author)

Eleven Sooty Dreams
by Manuela Draeger (Author), J. T. Mahany (Translator)

The Last Days of Ellis Island
by Gaëlle Josse (Author), Natasha Lehrer (Translator)

The Woman in Valencia
by Annie Perreault (Author), Ann Marie Boulanger (Translator)

Not One Day
by Anne Garréta (Author), Emma Ramadan (Translator)

Eve Out of Her Ruins
by Ananda Devi (Author), Jeffrey Zuckerman (Translator)

by Mauricio Segura (Author), Donald Winkler (Translator)

Sports and Pastimes
by Jen-Philippe Baril Guérard (Author), Aimee Wall (Translator)

The Body of the Beasts
by Audrée Wilhelmy (Author), Susan Ouriou (Translator)

Pretty Things
by Virginie Despentes (Author)

The Shadow of Memory
by Bernard Comment (Author), Betsy Wing (Translator)

by Mathias Enard (Author), Charlotte Mandell (Translator)

Abahn Sabana David
by Marguerite Duras (Author), Kazim Ali (Translator)

One Hundred Twenty-One Days
by Michèle Audin (Author), Christiana Hills (Translator)

Mama's Boy Behind Bars
by David Goudreault (Author), Jc Sutcliffe (Translator)

In Every Wave
by Quimper Charles (Author), Guil Lefebvre (Translator)

Autopsy of a Boring Wife
by Marie-Renee Lavoie (Author), Arielle Aaronson (Translator)

by Pierre Bordage (Author), Sheryl Curtis (Translator)

The Child
by Pascale Kramer (Author), Tamsin Black (Translator)

Birth of a Bridge
by Maylis de Kerangal (Author), Jessica Moore (Translator)

Revenge of the Translator
by Brice Matthieussent (Author), Emma Ramadan (Translator)

by Bertrand Laverdure (Author), Oana Avasilichioaei (Translator)

Little Beast
by Julie Demers (Author), Rhonda Mullins (Translator)

Autopsy of a Father
by Pascale Kramer (Author), Robert Bononno (Translator)

Madame Victoria
by Catherine Leroux (Author), Lazer Lederhendler (Translator)

by Maude Veilleux (Author), Aleshia Jensen (Translator), Aimée Wall (Translator)

Hunting Party
by Agnès Desarthe (Author), Christiana Hills (Translator)