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Results: 1 - 20 of 20
by Kristen Britain (Author), Alix Dewez (Translator)

by Kimberly McCreight (Author), Élodie Coello (Translator)

by Marlon James (Author), Héloïse Esquié (Translator)

by Elly Bangs (Author), Gilles Goullet (Translator)

by Ella Frank (Author), Brooke Blaine (Author), Laure Bizard (Translator)

by Nicolas Texier (Author)

by Clay McLeod Chapman (Author), Thibaud Eliroff (Translator)

by M. R. Carey (Author), Patrick Couton (Translator)

by Andréa Clarke (Author)

by Bernard Cornwell (Author), Pascal Loubet (Translator)

by Russell Banks (Author), Pierre Furlan (Translator)

by Cécile Violette (Author)


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