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Results: 1 - 50 of 111
Global Drought and Flood
by Huan Wu (Editor), Dennis P. Lettenmaier (Editor), Qiuhong Tang (Editor), Philip J. Ward (Editor)

Crustal Magmatic System Evolution
by Matteo Masotta (Editor), Christoph Beier (Editor), Silvio Mollo (Editor)

Seismic Reservoir Modeling
by Dario Grana (Author), Tapan Mukerji (Author), Philippe Doyen (Author)

by Thomas Dewers (Author), Jason Heath (Author), Marcelo Sánchez (Author)

Hot Carbon
by John F. Marra (Author)

Kuroshio Current
by Takeyoshi Nagai (Editor), Hiroaki Saito (Editor), Koji Suzuki (Editor), Motomitsu Takahashi (Editor)

Ore Deposits
by Laurence Robb (Editor), Sophie Decree (Editor)

Mathematical Geoenergy
by Paul Pukite (Author), Dennis Coyne (Author), Daniel Challou (Author)

Geological Carbon Storage
by Stéphanie Vialle (Editor), Jonathan Ajo-Franklin (Editor), J. William Carey (Editor)

Global Flood Hazard
by Guy J-P. Schumann (Editor), Paul D. Bates (Editor), Heiko Apel (Editor), Giuseppe T. Aronica (Editor)

Pre-Earthquake Processes
by Dimitar Ouzounov (Author), Sergey Pulinets (Author), Katsumi Hattori (Author), Patrick Taylor (Author)