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Results: 1 - 50 of 77
Decoding Madness
by Richard Lettieri (Author)

Tell Me What Happened
by Michael E. Lamb (Author), Deirdre A. Brown (Author), Irit Hershkowitz (Author), Yael Orbach (Author), Phillip W. Esplin (Author)

Hemingway's Brain
by Andrew Farah (Author)

Assessments in Forensic Practice
by Kevin D. Browne (Editor), Anthony R. Beech (Editor), Leam A. Craig (Editor), Shihning Chou (Editor)

Cognitive Self Change
by Jack Bush (Author), Daryl M. Harris (Author), Richard J. Parker (Author)

Sex Offenders
by Arjan A. J. Blokland (Author), Patrick Lussier (Author)

Forensic Facial Identification
by Tim Valentine (Author), Josh P Davis (Author)

School Shooters
by Peter Langman (Author)

Forensic Child Psychology
by Matthew Fanetti (Author), William T. O'Donohue (Author), Rachel Fondren-Happel (Author), Kresta N. Daly (Author)

Sex Offender Treatment
by Daniel T. Wilcox (Editor), Tanya Garrett (Editor), Leigh Harkins (Editor)

Detecting Deception
by Pär Anders Granhag (Author), Aldert Vrij (Author), Bruno Verschuere (Author)

Female Aggression
by Helen Gavin (Author), Theresa Porter (Author)

Forensic Reports and Testimony
by Randy K. Otto (Author), Richart DeMier (Author), Marcus Boccaccini (Author)