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Results: 1 - 50 of 56
Transforming Inner Mongolia
by Yi Wang (Author)

Pious Peripheries
by Sonia Ahsan-Tirmizi (Author)

Soviet Policy in Xinjiang
by Jamil Hasanli (Author)

by Anonymous (Author)

Silk and Cotton
by Susan Meller (Author)

The Mongols
by Jeremiah Curtin (Author)

The Steppe and the Sea
by Thomas T. Allsen (Author)

The Hungry Steppe
by Sarah Cameron (Author)

State-Building in Kazakhstan
by Dina Sharipova (Author)

Soviet and Muslim
by Eren Tasar (Author)

The Mongols
by Jeremiah Curtin (Author)

Refocusing Central Asia
by Frantz Grenet (Author)

Border Work
by Madeleine Reeves (Author)

Labrang Monastery
by Paul Kocot Nietupski (Author)

China's Last Imperial Frontier
by Xiuyu Wang (Author)