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Results: 1 - 50 of 426
Reliving the Trenches
by Alan Filewod (Editor)

On the Other Side(s) of 150
by Linda M. Morra (Editor), Sarah Henzi (Editor)

Community Music at the Boundaries
by Lee Willingham (Editor)

by T. Joseph Scanlon (Author), Roger Sarty (Editor)

'Membering Austin Clarke
by Paul Barrett (Editor)

mahikan ka onot
by Duncan Mercredi (Author), Warren Cariou (Editor)

Cinema of Pain
by Liz Czach (Editor), André Loiselle (Editor)

by Katja Lee (Author)

The Black Prairie Archives
by Karina Vernon (Editor)

Rough and Plenty
by Raymond A. Rogers (Author)

by Hartmut Lutz (Editor), Florentine Strzelczyk (Editor), Renae Watchman (Editor)

The Next Instalment
by Wendy Roy (Author)

This Is Not a Hoax
by Heather Jessup (Author)

Gorgeous War
by Tim Blackmore (Author)

by Robert Kroetsch (Author), David Eso (Editor)

What the Oceans Remember
by Sonja Boon (Author)

Social Poesis
by Rachel Zolf (Author), Heather Milne (Editor)

Beauty in a Box
by Cheryl Thompson (Author)

My Basilian Priesthood
by Michael Quealey (Author)

Avant Canada
by Gregory Betts (Editor), Christian Bök (Editor)

by Alice Burdick (Author), Alessandro Porco (Editor)

by Arthur Haberman (Author)

Activating the Heart
by Julia Christensen (Editor), Christopher Cox (Editor), Lisa Szabo-Jones (Editor)

Battle Lines
by Joel Baetz (Author)

by Louise Bernice Halfe (Author), David Gaertner (Editor)

Beyond the Altar
Bird-Bent Grass
by Kathleen Venema (Author)

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter
by Daniel Heath Justice (Author)

After Prison
by Rose Ricciardelli (Editor), Adrienne M.F. Peters (Editor)

New Brunswick at the Crossroads
by Tony Tremblay (Editor)

It Can't Last Forever
by David Campbell (Author)

The Homing Place
by Rachel Bryant (Author)

Read, Listen, Tell
by Sophie McCall (Editor), Deanna Reder (Editor), David Gaertner (Editor), Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill (Editor)

Space Between Her Lips
by Margaret Christakos (Author), Gregory Betts (Editor)


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