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Results: 1 - 50 of 533
The Assault on Elisha Green
by Randolph Paul Runyon (Author)

Street with No Name
by Andrew Dickos (Author)

Beyond Tragedy
by Robert W. Uphaus (Author)

Changing The Subject
by Naomi Miller (Author)

From Pariah to Patriot
by John G. Gagliardo (Author)

Toward Octavio Paz
by John M. Fein (Author)

Evil Necessity
by Harold D. Tallant (Author)

Whaling Will Never Do For Me
by Briton Cooper Busch (Author)

The Re-Imagined Text
by Jean I. Marsden (Author)

Dark Prisms
by Robert Lima (Author)

Paul G. Hoffman
by Alan R. Raucher (Author)

Ourselves Alone
by Janet A. Nolan (Author)

The Courtship Novel, 1740-1820
by Katherine Sobba Green (Author)

Dickens's Great Expectations
by Jerome Meckier (Author)

Come and Go, Molly Snow
by Mary Ann Taylor-Hall (Author)

Hateful Contraries
by W.K. Wimsatt (Author)

Misogynous Economies
by Laura C. Mandell (Author)

Education for Tragedy
by Kenneth D. Benne (Author)

Swing It!
by John Sforza (Author)

Temperance And Racism
by David M. Fahey (Author)

The High Design
by George C. Herndl (Author)

Scott, Chaucer, and Medieval Romance
by Jerome Mitchell (Author)

New Strangers in Paradise
by Gilbert H. Muller (Author)