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Results: 1 - 50 of 97
Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching
by Tarik Dervish (Author), Masha Pimas (Illustrator)

Theming Skills for Yoga Teachers
by Tanja Mickwitz (Author)

Menopause Yoga
by Petra Coveney (Author)

Returning from Qingcheng Mountain
by Wang Yun (Author)

Yoga Radicals
by Allie Middleton (Author)

Sun's Season of Channels
by Jonathan Shubs (Author), Fergus Byrne (Illustrator)

Yoga for Sports Performance
by Jim Harrington (Author)

Yoga Therapy for Diabetes
by Evan Soroka (Author), Kirsteen Wright (Illustrator)

Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis
by Garth McLean (Author)

Holding Space
by Sarah Scharf (Author)

Fukushin and Kampo
by Nigel Dawes (Author)

Holding Space
by Sarah Scharf (Author)

Experiencing Acupuncture
by John Hamwee (Author)

The Yoga Teacher Mentor
by Jess Glenny (Author)

Restoring Prana
by Robin L. Rothenberg (Author), Kirsteen Wright (Illustrator)

The Guided Meditation Handbook
by Georgia Keal (Author)

Women's Health Aromatherapy
by Pam Conrad (Author)


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