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Results: 1 - 14 of 14
A Very Irish Christmas
by James Joyce (Author), W.B. Yeats (Author), Colm Toibin (Author)

Distant Fathers
by Marina Jarre (Author), Ann Goldstein (Translator)

Roundabout of Death
by Faysal Khartash (Author), Max Weiss (Translator)

by Sergei Lebedev (Author), Antonina W. Bouis (Translator)

A Very German Christmas
by Wolfgang von Goethe (Author), Hermann Hesse (Author), Heinrich Heine (Author), Kurt Tucholsky (Author), Erich Kastner (Author), Ilse Frapan (Author), Martin Suter (Author), Peter Stamm (Author), Rainer Maria Rilke (Author), Arthur Schnitzler (Author), Thomas Mann (Author), Heinrich Böll (Author), Helene Stökl (Author), E. T. A. Hoffmann (Author), Joseph Roth (Author), Peter Rosegger (Author), Wolfdietrich Schnurre (Author), Ernst Anschütz (Author)

The Drive
by Yair Assulin (Author), Jessica Cohen (Translator)

And the Bride Closed the Door
by Ronit Matalon (Author), Jessica Cohen (Translator)

by Jean-Philippe Blondel (Author), Alison Anderson (Translator)

What's Left of the Night
by Ersi Sotiropoulos (Author), Karen Emmerich (Translator)

A Very Italian Christmas
by Giovanni Boccaccio (Author), Luigi Pirandello (Author), Camillo Boito (Author), Matilde Serao (Author), Anna Maria Ortese (Author), Andrea De Carlo (Author), Grazia Deledda (Author), Giovanni Verga (Author), Natalia Ginzburg (Author)

The Eye
by Philippe Costamagna (Author), Frank Wynne (Translator)

Killing Auntie
by Andrzej Bursa (Author), Wiesiek Powaga (Translator)