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Results: 1 - 50 of 208
Ethnography in Action
by Jean J. Schensul (Author), Margaret D. LeCompte (Author)

Ethics in Ethnography
by Margaret D. LeCompte (Author), Jean J. Schensul (Author)

The Picnic
by Walter Levy (Author)

History in the Making
by Donald H. Holly (Author)

Anthropology and Global History
by Robert M. Carmack (Author)

Ethics and Anthropology
by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban (Author)

The Holocaust in Hungary
by Zoltán Vági (Author), László Csősz (Author), Gábor Kádár (Author)

Archaeology beyond Postmodernity
by Andrew M. Martin (Author)

A Year in Food and Beer
by Emily Baime (Author), Darin Michaels (Author)

The Small Nation Solution
by John H. Bodley (Author)

The Mantle Site
by Jennifer Birch (Author), Ronald F. Williamson (Author)

New Orleans
by Elizabeth M. Williams (Author)

Listening to Sea Lions
by Sarah Keene Meltzoff (Author)

Muslim Worldviews and Everyday Lives
by El-Sayed el-Aswad (Author)

Food and Social Media
by Signe Rousseau (Author)

Anthropology and Religion
by Robert L. Winzeler (Author)

Crossing Mountains
by Phyllis Ngai (Author)

Voices of Foreign Brides
by Choong Soon Kim (Author)

Exploring Maya Ritual Caves
by Stanislav Chládek (Author)

Children during the Holocaust
by Patricia Heberer (Author)

Assisted Dying
by Serena Nanda (Author), Joan Gregg (Author)

Cultural Anthropology
by John H. Bodley (Author)

Death by Theory
by Adrian Praetzellis (Author)

War and Nature
by Jurgen Brauer (Author)

The Gift of a Bride
by Serena Nanda (Author)


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