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Results: 101 - 150 of 417
The Impact Agenda
by Katherine Smith (Author), Justyna Bandola-Gill (Author)

Maternal Imprisonment and Family Life
by Natalie Booth (Author)

Decolonizing Childhoods
by Manfred Liebel (Author)

Mental Health Services and Community Care
by Ian Cummins (Author)

Understanding Human Need
by Hartley Dean (Author)

Children’s Charities in Crisis
by Alison Body (Author)

Reimagining Homelessness
by Eoin O'Sullivan (Author)

Social Divisions and Later Life
by Chris Gilleard (Author), Paul Higgs (Author)

Ethnicity and Race in the UK
by Bridget Byrne (Author), Claire Alexander (Author)

Towards Ethical Policing
by Dominic Wood (Author)

The Evolution of British Gerontology
by Miriam Bernard (Author), Mo Ray (Author)

Online Child Sexual Victimisation
by Corinne May-Chahal (Author), Emma Kelly (Author)

The Research Journal
by Barbara Bassot (Author)

Police Occupational Culture
by Tom Cockcroft (Author)

The Shame Game
by Mary O'Hara (Author)

Ending Homelessness?
by Mike Allen (Author), Lars Benjaminsen (Author)

The Short Guide to Sociology
by Mark Doidge (Author), Rima Saini (Author)

Child Poverty
by Morag C. Treanor (Author)

Mental Health in Later Life
by Alisoun Milne (Author)

Why Who Cleans Counts
by Shannon Davis (Author), Theodore Greenstein (Author)

Exploring Social Work
by Linda Bell (Author)

Children Framing Childhoods
by Wendy Luttrell (Author)

Reconsidering Policy
by Kate Crowley (Author), Jenny Stewart (Author)

Policing the Police
by Michael Rowe (Author)

De-Professionalism and Austerity
by Nigel Malin (Author)

Community Development
by Margaret Ledwith (Author)

Degrees of Freedom
by Rod Earle (Author), James Mehigan (Author)

The Happiness Problem
by Sam Wren-Lewis (Author)

Social Innovation
by Geoff Mulgan (Author)

The Well-Connected Community
by Alison Gilchrist (Author)

The Moral Economy of Activation
by Magnus Hansen (Author)

Pathways to Recovery and Desistance
by David Best (Author)

Resisting Neoliberalism in Education
by Lyn Tett (Author), Mary Hamilton (Author)

Research Ethics in the Real World
by Helen Kara (Author)

by Stephen Crossley (Author)

Dead-End Lives
by Daniel Briggs (Author), Rubén Monge Gamero (Author)


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