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Results: 51 - 100 of 417
Sex/Gender and Self-Determination
by Zowie Davy (Author)

The Unequal Pandemic
by Clare Bambra (Author), Julia Lynch (Author), Katherine E. Smith (Author)

Work, Money and Duality
by Raven Bowen (Author)

Great Mistakes in Education Policy
by Ruth Lupton (Author), Debra Hayes (Author)

What Have Charities Ever Done for Us?
by Stephen Cook (Author), Tania Mason (Author)

Youth Prospects in the Digital Society
by John Bynner (Author), Walter Heinz (Author)

The Children of Looked After Children
by Louise Roberts (Author)

Creative Research Methods in Education
by Helen Kara (Author), Narelle Lemon (Author)

Participatory Ideology
by Peter Beresford (Author)

The Allied Health Professions
by Susan Nancarrow (Author), Alan Borthwick (Author)

Radical Empathy
by Terri Givens (Author)

Financial Inclusion
by Rajiv Prabhakar (Author)

Creative Writing for Social Research
by Richard Phillips (Author), Helen Kara (Author)

Good Policing
by Mike Hough (Author)

Young and Lonely
by Janet Batsleer (Author), James Duggan (Author)

Religion and Belief Literacy
by Adam Dinham (Author)

Remaking the Real Economy
by Gordon Pearson (Author)

Protecting Children, Creating Citizens
by Katrin Križ (Author)

Cruelty or Humanity
by Stuart Rees (Author)

Creative Research Methods
by Helen Kara (Author)

Critical Questions for Ageing Societies
by Gemma Carney (Author), Paul Nash (Author)

Austerity, Welfare and Work
by David Etherington (Author)

School Scandals
by Pat Thomson (Author)

Social Work
by Steve Rogowski (Author)

Poverty in Italy
by Chiara Saraceno (Author), David Benassi (Author)

Race, Taste, Class and Cars
by Yunis Alam (Author)

The Impact of Community Work
by Karen McArdle (Author), Sue Briggs (Author)

The Other America
by Harris Beider (Author), Kusminder Chahal (Author)

Non-Binary Genders
by Ben Vincent (Author)

Radical Hope
by Michal Krumer-Nevo (Author)

Housing Shock
by Rory Hearne (Author)

Richard Titmuss
by John Stewart (Author)

The Good Glow
by Jon Dean (Author)


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