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Results: 1 - 50 of 153
Thomas Mackay
by Alastair Sweeny (Author)

Sofia Tolstaya, the Author
by John Woodsworth (Translator), Arkadi Klioutchanski (Translator)

The Elective Mind
by Réal Fillion (Author)

Chairing Successful Meetings
by Michel Lesperance (Author)

Borders, Culture, and Globalization
by Victor Konrad (Editor), Melissa Kelly (Editor)

1968 in Canada
by Michael K. Hawes (Editor), Andrew C. Holman (Editor), Christopher Kirkey (Editor)

Cultural Policy
by Jean-Paul Baillargeon (Author), Nicole Barrieau (Author), Alison Beale (Author), Daniel Bourgeois (Author), Donna Gannon (Author), Joy Cohnstaedt (Author), Patrice A. Dutil (Author), Fernand Harvey (Author), M. Sharon Jeanotte (Author), Jan Marontate (Author), Catherine Murray (Author), Ronald Rompkey (Author), Dick Stanley (Author), Karen Wall (Author), David Whitson (Author), Monica Gattinger (Editor), Diane St-Pierre (Editor)

Canada's Fluid Borders
by Geoffrey Hale (Editor), Greg Anderson (Editor)

Warring Sovereignties
Citizenship in a Connected Canada
Women in Radio
The Evolved Self
Beyond the Academic Gateway
by Timothy Sibbald (Editor), Victoria Handford (Editor)

The Demons of Leonard Cohen
by Francis Mus (Author)

by Colleen M. Flood (Editor), Vanessa MacDonnell (Editor), Jane Philpott (Editor), Sophie Thériault (Editor), Sridhar Venkatapuram (Editor)

Contemporary Criminological Issues
by Carolyn Côté-Lussier (Editor), David Moffette (Editor), Justin Piché (Editor)

Is Two-Tier Health Care the Future?
by Colleen M. Flood (Editor), Bryan Thomas (Editor)

Pier 21
by Steven Schwinghamer (Author), Jan Raska (Author)

Canadian Perspectives on Community Development
by Sarah Todd (Editor), Sébastien Savard (Editor)

They Have Bodies, by Barney Allen
by Barney Allen (Author), Gregory Betts (Editor)

Anthropocene Geopolitics
by Simon Dalby (Author)

Reconceptualizing Teacher Education
by Anne M. Phelan (Editor), William F. Pinar (Editor), Nicholas Ng-A-Fook (Editor), Ruth Kane (Editor)

A Woman in Engineering
by Monique Frize (Author)

The Lion's Cub - Le lionceau
by Margaret MacMillan (Author), Edward MacDonald (Author)

Separate but Unequal
by Frances Widdowson (Author)

Innovating South-South Cooperation
by Hany Gamil Besada (Editor), M. Evren Tok (Editor), Leah McMillan Polonenko (Editor)

Divided Highways
by Heather Macfarlane (Author)

Ethical Hacking
by Alana Maurushat (Author)

Law and the "Sharing Economy"
by Derek McKee (Editor), Finn Makela (Editor), Teresa Scassa (Editor)

Northrop Frye and Others
by Robert D. Denham (Author)

Touch in the Helping Professions
by Martin Rovers (Editor), Judith Malette (Editor), Manal Guirguis-Younger (Editor)

Drugs and Crime
by Serge Brochu (Author), Natacha Brunelle (Author), Chantal Plourde (Author), Julie da Silva (Translator)

Accessibility and Active Offer
by Marie Drolet (Editor), Pier Bouchard (Editor), Jacinthe Savard (Editor)

Tolstoy and Tolstaya
by Andrew Donskov (Editor), John Woodsworth (Translator), Arkadi Klioutchanski (Translator), Liudmila Gladkova (Translator)

The Blue Shirts
by Hugues Théorêt (Author), Ferdinanda Van Gennip (Translator), Howard Scott (Translator)

Alice Munro’s Miraculous Art
by Janice Fiamengo (Editor), Gerald Lynch (Editor)

Malcolm Lowry's Poetics of Space
by Richard J. Lane (Editor), Miguel Mota (Editor)

eAccess to Justice
by Karim Benyekhlef (Editor), Jane Bailey (Editor), Jacquelyn Burkell (Editor), Fabien Gélinas (Editor)


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