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Results: 1 - 33 of 33
Happy Plant
by Puneet Sabharwal (Author), Travis DeMello (Illustrator)

Love and Justice
by Laetitia Ky (Author)

by Mike Cidoni Lennox (Author), Chris May (Author)

Dressing the Resistance
by Camille Benda (Author)

Big Data, Big Design
by Helen Armstrong (Author), Keetra Dean Dixon (Illustrator)

by Daisy Bird (Author), Camilla Pintonato (Author)

Three Pianos
by Andrew McMahon (Author)

Color Scheme
by Edith Young (Author)

She Heard the Birds
by Andrea D'Aquino (Author)

How Do You Feel?
by Edgar Gerrard Hughes (Author)

No Compromise
by Ana Araujo (Author)

Visualizing Nature
by Stuart Kestenbaum (Author)

The Business of Design
by Keith Granet (Author)

What Can Colors Do?
by Liz Yohlin Baill (Author)

Black, Brown + Latinx Design Educators
by Kelly Walters (Author)

How Design Makes Us Think
by Sean Adams (Author)

The Healing Garden
by Deb Soule (Author)

Armor & Animals
by Liz Yohlin Baill (Author)

The Book of Tiny Creatures
by Nathalie Tordjman (Author), Julien Norwood (Illustrator), Emmanuelle Tchoukriel (Illustrator)

by Barbara Sandri (Author), Francesco Giubbilini (Author), Camilla Pintonato (Illustrator)

Modern Fabric
by Abby Gilchrist (Author), Amelia Poole (Author)

The Big Leap
by Martina Flor (Author)

Dear Data
by Giorgia Lupi (Author), Stefanie Posavec (Author)

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide
by Sebastian Kaufmann (Author), Alexandra Redgrave (Author), Jessica Hundley (Editor)


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