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Results: 1 - 50 of 417
The Policing Mind
by Jessica K. Miller (Author)

The Cruel Optimism of Racial Justice
by Nasar Meer (Author)

The Flexibility Paradox
by Heejung Chung (Author)

The Environments of Ageing
by Sheila Peace (Author)

How to Fix the Welfare State
by Paul Spicker (Author)

Medical Doctors in Health Reforms
by Jean-Louis Denis (Author), Sabrina Germain (Author)

The Strengths Approach in Practice
by Avril Bellinger (Author), Deirdre Ford (Author)

Policing the Pandemic
by Lambros Fatsis (Author), Melayna Lamb (Author)

Local Civil Society
by Robin Mann (Author), David Dallimore (Author)

The Richer, The Poorer
by Stewart Lansley (Author)

Prisons of the World A Better Way
by Andrew Coyle (Author)

Making the Most of Your Research Journal
by Nicole Brown (Author)

Making Research Matter
by Tara Lamont (Author)

Retreat or Resolution?
by Peter Scott (Author)

Comparing Health Systems
by Ian Greener (Author)

The Next Welfare State?
by Christopher Pierson (Author)

The Alumni Way
by Maria L. Gallo (Author)

The Education Debate
by Stephen J. Ball (Author)

Transformational Moments in Social Welfare
by Georgina Brewis (Author), Angela Ellis Paine (Author)

The Legal Aid Market
by Jo Wilding (Author)

The Pandemic Within
by Hendrik Wagenaar (Author), Barbara Prainsack (Author)

Fathering and Poverty
by Anna Tarrant (Author)

Doing Accessible Social Research
by Daniela Aidley (Author), Kriss Fearon (Author)

Disability and Ageing
by Ann Leahy (Author)

Forgotten Wives
by Ann Oakley (Author)

Clients, Consumers or Citizens?
by Bob Hudson (Author)

Socially Distanced Activism
by Katy Goldstraw (Author), Tracey Herrington (Author)


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