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Results: 1 - 2 of 2
Destroying Democracy
by Jane Duncan (Author), Linda Gordon (Author), Gunnett Kaaf (Author), Dale T McKinley (Author), Alf Gunvald Nilsen (Author), Devan Pillay (Author), Mandla J Radebe (Author), Alfredo Saad-Filho (Author), Ingar Solty (Author), Michelle Williams (Editor), Vishwas Satgar (Editor)

Marxisms in the 21st Century
by Devan Pillay (Author), Vishwas Satgar (Author), John Saul (Author), Ahmed Veriava (Author), Michelle Williams (Author), Patrick Bond (Author), Michael Burawoy (Author), Jacklyn Cock (Author), Ashwin Desai (Author), Daryl Glaser (Author), Mazibuko Jara (Author), Meg Luxton (Author), Trevor Ngwane (Author), Vishwas Satgar (Editor), Michelle Williams (Editor)


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