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Results: 1 - 50 of 225,556
by Michael W. Pesses (Author)

Mixtape Nostalgia
by Jehnie I. Burns (Author)

Student Self-Assessment
by Katie White (Author)

Everyone a Sheriff
by Martin Alan Greenberg (Author)

Testimony and Trauma
by Amanda Hontz Drury (Author)

The Unpopular Realism of Vincenzo Padula
by Joseph Francese (Author)

Revolutionary Tunisia
by Stefano Pontiggia (Author)

Exploring the Heart Sutra
by Sarah A. Mattice (Author)

Let's Create Writers
by Timothy Horan (Author)

Dickens's Great Expectations
by Jerome Meckier (Author)

Misogynous Economies
by Laura C. Mandell (Author)

Changing The Subject
by Naomi Miller (Author)

Whaling Will Never Do For Me
by Briton Cooper Busch (Author)

The Courtship Novel, 1740-1820
by Katherine Sobba Green (Author)

Remove the Pews
by Donna Schaper (Author)

The Senate
by Daniel Wirls (Author)

Scott, Chaucer, and Medieval Romance
by Jerome Mitchell (Author)

Hateful Contraries
by W.K. Wimsatt (Author)

Beyond Tragedy
by Robert W. Uphaus (Author)

Temperance And Racism
by David M. Fahey (Author)

The Re-Imagined Text
by Jean I. Marsden (Author)

The High Design
by George C. Herndl (Author)

Paul G. Hoffman
by Alan R. Raucher (Author)