Wiki: Grow Your Own for Fun and Profit

Wiki: Grow Your Own for Fun and Profit

by Alan J. Porter (Author)

WIKI: Grow Your Own for Fun and Profit introduces the concept of wikis, and shows why they are becoming the must-have communications and collaboration technology for businesses of any size. Using a garden as a metaphor, Alan J. Porter shows you step-by-step how to select wiki software, get started, overcome resistance to wikis, maintain your wiki, and use your wiki for internal collaboration, project planning, communication with your customers, and more. Includes five case studies that highlight the ways companies are using wikis to solve business and communication problems, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Inside the Book

  • A Brief History of Collaboration
  • Defining the Wiki
  • Planting the Seed
  • First Growth
  • Maintaining the Garden
  • Landscaping
  • Harvesting the Information
  • A Wiki Checklist
  • Notes on Popular Wiki Software
  • Resources and Index

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Publication date
September 15, 2009
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