Memory Enhancement in 30 Days

by Keith Ph.D. Harary (Author), Pamela Weintraub (Author)

Enhanced recollection can open doors to unconscious thought procesesses and behavior patterns, in the process increasing your ability to cope with problems in daily life. The ability to recall not only the sights and sounds but the smells, tastes, sensations, and feelings associated with past events can help you attain a sense of perception unsurpassed in totality.

*Have you ever met someone at a business conference or in a store and spent the fifteen minutes you were talking with him or her trying to remember his or her name?

*Have you ever had a word or idea on "the tip of your tongue" and not been able to recall it until three hours later?

*Have you ever been given tasks or assignments at work or in school and missed deadlines because you simply forgot about them?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your memory could be dramatically improved by using the techniques and exercises suggested by Keith Harary and Pamely Weintraub in Memory Enhancement in 30 Days.

Even if your memory is fairly reliable, you can still benefit from Harary and Weintraub's exercises as a means of keeping your mind fluid and receptive to new memories.

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July 28, 2014
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