A Road Well-Traveled

A Road Well-Traveled

de Thomas Walsh (Auteur)

Tim is a successful business executive in the twilight of his career. During a flight to Sydney, Australia he becomes embroiled in self introspection and questions what gave him pleasure in his career. What made all the hard work and weeks away from home worth it besides the status, power and wealth he had achieved?

It was the people Tim had met in his career who made the difference. The good and bad, the arrogant and meek, the friends and back stabbers who added color and richness to the tapestry of Tim's career.

Tim travels back in time remembering these people in stories spanning 40 years and international locations in Europe, South America, Asia/Pacific and North America. The colorful characters, intrigue, humor and warmth of the relationships come alive in exciting locations around the world.

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7 avril 2014
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