A Manual for Differentiation of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells to Specific Cell Types

A Manual for Differentiation of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells to Specific Cell Types

by Gilson Khang (Editor), Tatsuya Shimizu (Editor)

This is the first experimental protocol book that covers the differentiation of bone marrow-derived stem cells (BMSCs) into specific cell types, targeted at the undergraduate and graduate student level. The 19 chapters deal with the differentiation methods using small molecules, cytokines and polymeric scaffolds.

BMSCs are pluripotential in that they not only act as myelo-regenerative and supportive cells, but can also differentiate into almost any kind of cells in our body. In addition, when implanted in vivo, they could help repair multiple tissues such as blood vessels, heart, liver and so on.

For the differentiation of BMSCs, many methods have been introduced to adjust their microenvironment (chemical and physical cues), including chemical induction methods using large or small molecules and pellet culture; mechanical stimulation induction methods using cyclic mechano-transduction or ultrasonication; cytokine-released method using scaffolds; and so on.

  • Introduction (Gilson Khang)
  • Chondrogenic Differentiation of Rat BMSCs in Hydrogel (Hazel Y Stevens, David S Reece, Rhima M Coleman and Robert E Guldberg)
  • Protocol of Chondrogenesis from BMSCs Using TGF-β Loaded Alginate Bead (Soon Hee Kim and Gilson Khang)
  • Protocol of Chondrogenesis from Human BMSCs by Pellet Culture (Jeong Eun Song, Eun Young Kim, Soon Hee Kim and Gilson Khang)
  • Protocol of Chondrogenesis from BMSC on a Porcine Chondrocytes-Derived Extracellular Matrix Scaffold (Byoung-Hyun Min)
  • Protocol of Chondrogenesis of MSC by Ultrasonication (Byoung-Hyun Min, So Ra Park and Hyun Jung Lee)
  • Protocol of Chondrogenesis of BMSC to Chondrocyte Using Chitosan-Modified Poly(L-Lactide-co-ε-Caprolactone) Scaffolds (Zheng Yang, Xiaoyan Tang, Chao Li and Zigang Ge)
  • Protocol of Osteogenesis of BMSCs Using Hydroxyapatite/Tricalciumphosphate Scaffold (EunAh Lee, Pamela Gehron Robey and Youngsook Son)
  • Protocol of Osteogenesis from BMSC Cultured with Dexamethasone-Loaded Dendrimer Nanoparticles onto Ceramic and Polymeric Scaffolds: In Vivo Studies (Joaquim Miguel Oliveira, João F Mano, Hajime Ohgushi and Rui Luís Reis)
  • Protocol for Osteogenesis of BMSC in Calcium Phosphate Ceramics (EuiKyun Park, Hong-In Shin, Shin-Yoon Kim and Jiwon Lim)
  • Protocol of Osteoblastic Differentiation of BMSC in Biodegradable Scaffolds Composed of Gelatin and β-Tricalcium Phosphate (Masaya Yamamoto and Yasuhiko Tabata)
  • Protocol of Cardiomyogenic Induction of hMSCs on Dendrimer-Immobilized Surfaces Displaying with D-Glucose (Mee-Hae Kim and Masahiro Kino-oka)
  • Protocol of Cardiomyocyte Differentiation of BMSC by Small Molecules (Ki-Chul Hwang, Woochul Chang and Byeong-Wook Song)
  • Protocol for the Differentiation of BMSCs to a Smooth Muscle Cell for the Application of Engineering Small Diameter Blood Vessels (Hyunhee Ahn, Young Min Ju and Sang Jin Lee)
  • Protocol of Schwann Cell Differentiation of BMSC by Direct Co-Culture Method Using Insert System (Jeong Eun Song, Soon Hee Kim, Cho Min Kim and Gilson Khang)
  • Protocol of Neurogenesis of BMSC Using β-Mercaptoethanol Released System from β-Mercaptoethanol-Loaded PLGA Film (Jeong Eun Song, Eun Young Kim, Hyeon Yoon, Dongwon Lee and Gilson Khang)
  • Protocol of Neural Differentiation from BMSCs Using bFGF and Laminin-Coating Plate (Byung Hyune Choi, Jin-Mo Kim and So Ra Park)
  • Protocol of Differentiation of Retinal Pigment Epithelial-Like Cells from BMSC Using Co-Culture Method (Su Ji Kang, Eun Young Kim, Hyeon Yoon, Chun-Ki Joo and Gilson Khang)
  • Protocol of Differentiation of Olfactory Ensheathing Cells from BMSCs by Insert and Conditioned Media System (Jeong Eun Song, Yun Mi Lee, Hyeon Yoon,

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