The Wall Street Joke Book

When disaster strikes, when election returns are in, when scandals break, when the ubiquitous racial and sexual tensions of our land blow their PC gasket, when the famous die, it seems the monied men of Wall Street are always the first to craft our national anxiety into a joke. The cynical, educated, three-steaks-a-week, house-in-the-Hamptons representatives of the Ayn Rand in all of us generate the jokes that get faxed nationwide. That's the myth, and this is the confirmation of it. Compiled by four anonymous Wall Streeters, here are the jokes that are sure to come in handy for any commuter, socially challenged business person, or new guy/gal at the water fountain. Slim enough to fit in your shirt pocket, The Wall Street Joke Book can be toted with you for those moments that call for a real-man's guffaw. Here's a taste of the humor that makes this country what it is, from the men who make this country what it is.

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February 03, 2014
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