Psychotherapy in the Wake of War: Discovering Multiple Psychoanalytic Traditions

by Bernd Huppertz (Editor)

This book shows how the differing views of twenty-three psychoanalysts of different traditions affect theoretical and technical issues in psychoanalytic treatments. Their selections from a series of nine cases will be of great interest to all students and practitioners in the fields of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and mental health. Their divergences and sometimes unexpected convergences make for fascinating reading.

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Robert S. Wallerstein (Collaborator), Theodore Jacobs (Collaborator), Susan Loden (Collaborator), Alfred Ribi (Collaborator), Pamela Donleavy (Collaborator), Grazina Gudaite (Collaborator), Kerry Kelly Novick (Collaborator), Jack Novick (Collaborator), Penelope Garvey (Collaborator), Marina Lia (Collaborator), Mariangela Mendes de Almeida (Collaborator), Angela Joyce (Collaborator), Anne Alvarez (Collaborator), Myriam Perrin (Collaborator), Joan Raphael-Leff (Collaborator), David Scharff (Collaborator), D. M. D. Harrison (Collaborator), Peter Kaufmann (Collaborator), Sarah Mendelsohn (Collaborator), Neil Skolnick (Collaborator), Shelley Doctors (Collaborator), Ghislaine Boulanger (Collaborator)
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September 05, 2013
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