Marketing Trends (english version)

Marketing Trends (english version)

by Pedro Barbosa (Author)
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Writing a book is one of the biggest learning processes that I have experienced.

I learned at every stage, with every person that I interacted with and with each hand that wrote Marketing Trends with me. Even the name of the book, the cover, the distribution network, the size that allows a quick and simplified way of reading, and the pricing are crucial aspects with which I have grown.

Learning means listening to different opinions with the willingness to evolve. It is opening the mind in the same way that we lift our eyelids to discover the light of a new day. It is accepting that others, whoever they may be, can show us new ways, different angles.

Sometimes we need to follow an unknown path and search for new colours and new winds. Other times, knowing the path is crucial. Knowing which are the most relevant trends in the field of management is more than desirable: it is almost an obligation for those who want to come first, do better.

And your path, which will it be?

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July 19, 2013
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