The Wonders of the Jungle, Book 1

The Wonders of the Jungle, Book 1

by Prince Ghosh (Author)

I have just told you that, after drinking, the elephants jump into the water and have a bath and a swim. That is, all the grown-up elephants do that, while the little ones stay on the bank and play about.

But, you may ask, why does not the tiger try to grab one of the little ones then? Because even when the Mammas go into the water they keep their eyes on the babies, who play quite near by, so that the Mammas can come to them any minute.

And the Mammas can smell a tiger a little before he gets there, so that they have enough time to climb out of the water. Besides, the babies themselves can smell the tiger when he is coming; then they call out to their Mammas by making a queer rumbling sound in their throats, and the Mammas come to them at once, before the tiger can get there.

So all the grown-up elephants can go into the water, without any worry. And at first they have a regular shower bath.

How do they do that? Why, each elephant fills his trunk with water;.....

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July 11, 2013
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