25 + The Big Book of Ancient Classics

The Odyssey by Homer, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, The Republic by Plato, Poetics by Aristotle and others
by Aristotle (Author), Aeschylus (Author), Marcus Aurelius (Author), Euripides (Author), Hesiod (Author), Homer (Author), Plato (Author), Sappho (Author), Sophocles (Author), Benjamin Jowett (Translator), F. Storr (Translator), E.D.A. Morshead (Translator), Alexander Pope Pope (Translator), William Cowper (Translator), Hugh G. Evelyn-White (Translator), John Myers O'hara (Translator), Thomas Moore (Translator)
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We live in an era rife with cultural conflict. The 21st century is by no means free of wars, terrorism, riots, famine, nor epidemics. We may attempt to solve the challenges of our times by uniting the humanistic disciplines of philosophy, science, and technology. Our modern reality requires a fundamental understanding of the problems beleaguering our existence. Science and literature are key tools for gaining this insight. The wisdom accumulated throughout the centuries by scientists, philosophers, and writers is a solid foundation on which modern man can build the future. Our ability to learn from those who have come before is precisely what led Protagoras to declare that “Man is the measure of all things.”
Poetics by Aristotle
The Athenian Constitution by Aristotle
On Life and Death by Aristotle
Agamemnon by Aeschylus
The Eumenides by Aeschylus
The Choephori by Aeschylus
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Medea by Euripides
The Works and Days by Hesiod
The Theogony by Hesiod
The Shield of Heracles by Hesiod
The Odyssey by Homer
The Apology of Socrates by Plato
Charmides by Plato
Crito by Plato
Euthyphro by Plato
Ion by Plato
Laches by Plato
Lysis by Plato
Menexenus by Plato
The Republic by Plato
The Allegory of the Cave by Plato
Symposium by Plato
Meno by Plato
Phaedo by Plato
Critias by Plato
The Complete Poems by Sappho
Antigone by Sophocles

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