Mama Said, What?

de Buchanan,Julia (Auteur)
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Welcome to reality. Reality, you say? Yes. That time when it hits you that you're getting older and not younger. That time hasn't stood still for you or for anyone, for that matter. That moment you look into the mirror and see that gray hair, wrinkle, or stretch mark and ask yourself, "Now when did that happen?" Life is ever-moving, never-standing still. That realization that father time doesn't wait for anyone. In fact, your, "Wait! Hold still!" I still have some more living to do falls on its deaf ears!

But what if we could just stop for a moment. Stop! And remember those good ole days. When you were young, full of life, and your whole life was ahead of you. Fun times. Innocent times. Fulfilling times. Joyful times. Your best times. Ah, the laughter as we threw caution to the wind!

We can't go back in time, but what if we could try and relive even a few of those moments? What if we could recapture moments of times past, just a peek of what our lives looked like back in the day?

Through Mama Said, What? quotes and showing you pictures of what we all enjoyed while growing up are my intentions to do just that. I hope you're able to sit back, enjoy, reflect, reminisce, and remember our yesteryears, our life, growing up!

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1 août 2022
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