Raven’s Heartsong

Raven’s Heartsong

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When Raven experiences the devastating loss of her beloved home, she embarks on a journey to find comfort for her grief. In the sanctuary of a dream, she follows a mysterious sound that leads her deep within to find the guidance she needs. There she hears the sound as a song, before realizing the tone is coming from her own heart. With inner guidance, she learns how to use her heartsong as a force of love for the regeneration of the forest. Through its call, she gathers other creatures from sea, sky, and land to come forth and help her restore its life.

This is a book for all ages to contemplate taking care of the Earth we share as a part of one, whole, living ecosystem. As a curious and active character, Raven asks the reader to discover the heartsong that carries their unique signature out into the world and to courageous express it. In doing so, Raven teaches us to love and play well together and protect what we love. Like Raven, we can follow the guidance of the heart to activate hope and sustain the daily miracle of life.

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26 de junio de 2022
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