Mindful in 5

Meditations for People with No Time
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Barry is struggling to accept the demise of his marriage and his finances are a mess. Singita is trying her best to cope with family drama. Rashad and Brianna are empty nesters facing a new chapter. Akar is a global executive who wants to learn mindfulness meditation to better cope with his difficult boss. All crave positive change, but where to start?

In a unique guide, Spiwe Jefferson uses imaginary characters experiencing daily challenges to lead you, one step at a time, to unleash the power of mindfulness meditation and journal reflections. Within short practices presented within three seasons—dawn, day, and dark—Jefferson shares inspiring stories followed by real-life takeaways and space to document deep thoughts and reframed perspectives. Throughout the guide, Jefferson encourages you to improve your well-being and live with purpose by calling upon your inner power, taming the mind, releasing fears, and replacing negative habits.

Mindful in 5 uses fictional stories and journal reflections to guide those desiring a better life to be consistently present and realize inner peace, even during challenging times.

“Separated into easy-to-follow sections, it will lead you through common difficulties we all encounter. It also gives you guidance, help, and hope that you will not only overcome these difficulties but successfully live your daily moments with joy and fulfilment.”
—Colin T. Nelson, author

“This book delivers on its promise to help you harness the power of mindfulness for your life. An engaging and impressive read with lively characters and inspiring, relatable stories.”
—Thomas “TJ” Jefferson, Chief Human Resource Officer

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June 24, 2022
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