The Lapone Sisters

de Barry Wilker (Auteur)
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In the summer of 1976, three exceptionally different sisters begin walking their individual paths. Schmellda, the eldest daughter, launches into her personal tale of family and self-discovery. Setting out on her own for the first time in her life, she remains a frumpy self-appointed mother hen to her younger sisters.

Sorina is her stunning and stuttering middle sibling, venturing out slowly in search of her dreams. The youngest, Esmerelda, is an outspoken, non-filtered, sharp-tongued fireball ready to fly from the nest. Their parents have provided a safely nurtured life for the three. It is in this happy environment that an unimaginable spiral of events begins that will change all their lives forever.

The girls compete, take road trips, and go to camp. They get makeovers, follow their hearts, and fall in love. Over the months, the sisters cross paths and wits with each other and encounter a menagerie of misfits, loners, losers, and dreamers, marking an adventure like no other. Their wry humor, hopes, and fledging philosophies take them, and you, to places never imagined.

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26 juin 2022
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