Murder on Main Street

Mysterious Island or Haunted Place?
by Hunter Laroche (Author)
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Wendy Dow and Nancy Eblen, two very financially comfortable business women, head off their annual summer vacation which they have scheduled together for years. They find themselves on the Island of Nantucket in early May. After a wonderful lunch in the garden of The Chanticleer Inn, they start discussing how nice it would be just to give it all up and spend the entire summer on the island. Well, this adventure moves forward, and they find themselves the owners of a five acre parcel of land in Polpis. The property has two run down barns and a home that has been neglected for quite a number of years. When they start their restoration projects, they uncover a long old slender metal box that is locked. Now, the contents of this mysterious box could it possibly hold the clue to a murder? Ahh, the plot thickens…

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Publication date
June 23, 2022
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