Papal Quest

Search for the Ancient Book of the Master
de T. Clement Robison (Auteur)
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The teachings of the world’s three greatest religions provide the backdrop for a suspense filled tale of deception and intrigue. The author entices his readers to examine their beliefs as they are enmeshed in a dangerous journey to the Holy Lands in search of the lost Book of the Master.
Ancient texts are uncovered requiring the pope to take drastic action to protect the Catholic Church from destructive scrutiny. Secrecy is of the highest priority as a search is made for an ancient manuscript hidden somewhere in the Middle East.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, and the Books of Enoch are examined so the reader can understand the importance of the lost book. Lives are threatened and lost, but the price must be paid to hide the truth and protect the faithful.

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Date de publication
22 juin 2022
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