Your Life, Your Way

An Introduction to the Foundation Forty Lifestyle
di Michael Morris (Autore)
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Many people living in this country are unhappy with their overall quality of life.

Michael Morris, a therapist of more than thirty years, knows that firsthand. He has helped thousands of people overcome emotional, psychological, physical, and other types of trauma.

The Foundation Forty lifestyle is a tool that provides guidelines to create a high quality of life—one that is in line with your best interests. Position yourself to:

•set in motion the dynamics of change for a happy and healthy life;
•move past the unfortunate lifestyle that has become a reality for most Americans;
•resolve disagreements and cultivate more meaningful relationships with others.

The author also examines the reasons why so many people are unhappy, noting that most Americans have lived with the horrors of war and terrorism their entire lives. This level of stress, however comfortable you get with it, reduces the ability of society and individuals to function at their best.

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23 giugno 2022
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