From Highland

by Ana (Author)
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Their lives intersect in tragic circumstances over a span of decades, with chemistry between them that cannot be denied. They also come to realize a historical connection through their ancestors.

Those causing the tragedies go to great extremes to keep them apart. The perpetrators continue to gather more people, including those at high-level power positions in this country, into their crimes that have become lucrative over the years. The author, their victim, exposes old and newer unspeakable acts that involve more victims and many people recruited to do the crimes. The author describes her struggle to escape genocide in multiple settings and what other victims might have suffered also. Elderly abuse and torture are directed at the lovers even as this book is compiled.

The young, now-mature lovers persist in their desire to be together. All the while their higher power encourages their union through the power of healing and miracles.

From Highland brings light and hope into the dark and sinister world of domestic terrorism targeting victims for various reasons. Going forward, the victims of this genocide need to be remembered.

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Publication date
June 27, 2022
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