Underachieve with Ease

How Men Can Get Away with the Minimum Effort in Marriage
de Allen,Mark (Auteur)
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Advance praise for Underachieve with Ease: 

"Where was this book when I needed it?" (U. R. Anidiot, three-time divorcee)

This is the book men and nosy women have been waiting for. Underachieve with Ease is the recently declassified manual of tried-and-sometimes-true secrets on how men can do as little as possible to satisfy the minimum requirements of marriage.

This mother of all marriage books is liberally peppered with humor, outright speculation, and occasional inadvertent wisdom. In this book, men will learn valuable life skills such as how to avoid chores, cooking, and extended stays in the spousal doghouse.

For women, this book answers the burning question: is there any hope of reforming my man into a functioning marital partner? Frustrated wives will mine important nuggets about how married men think and how to craft strategies to counter their chronic lack of effort.

Any naive singles contemplating matrimony will also find this book a godsend as a warning for what lies ahead.

The best news is this book is cheaper than therapy and may be tax-deductible. (Check with your accountant.)

"Funny, clever and frighteningly wise." (Author's mother)

"Joseph Pulitzer is rolling over in his grave." (Transylvania Literary Guild)

Mark Allen is a maladjusted, cowering expert on the subject of matrimony, having been married thirty-plus years, with only three of those banished to sleeping on the sofa.

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17 juin 2022
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