Preventing Bullying

A Manual for Teachers in Promoting Global Educational Harmony
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You are holding in your hands a precious teachers’ aid to bullying prevention and response. This comprehensive guide provides everything you will need to promote pro-love at your fingertips and in the school environment you are working in. Throughout this manual, you will find important facts on bullying, intervention strategies if bullying occurs, helpful tips for schools and parents, and over 40 classroom-based activities encouraged to be taught in a sequential 7-Step Learning Model.

The Glory of Education’s mission is to promote global educational harmony by creating heartfelt experiences necessary to strengthen student relationships, encourage empathy, and practice conflict resolution. The learning activities provided are engaging and interactive, empowering students to respond positively to all forms of bullying including cyber, physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse, in hopes of preparing them to become resilient.

The Seven-Step Bullying Prevention Model guides educators on how to shift in their students’ cognitive and social behavioral patterns - experientially.

Step 1: Set a Harmonious Tone in the Classroom

Step 2: Create Respectful Ground Rules

Step 3: Raise Students’ Awareness about Bullying

Step 4: Cultivate Moments of Empathy & Morality

Step 5: Eliminate the Motivation to Bully by
Building Peer Relations

Step 6: Practice Conflict Resolution Skills

Step 7: Get Students Involved in the Prevention

At a time in history besieged by stories of bullying across the globe, this manual provides prevention and response strategies, dynamic student-learning activities, and inspiration aimed at helping youth who are targets, bullies, and/or bystanders, all touched by the effects of bullying. Thankfully, teachers are uniting as the torch, gifts of light, and providers of the most important knowledge needed to help raise generations.

“If not you, who? If not now, when?” —Raju Ramanathan

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