A Lawyer’s Perspective with Case Studies
by Dr. Orscini L. Beard (Author)
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If you’re an aspiring attorney, law student, or new lawyer, this guide on ethics will help you avoid the pitfalls of everyday practice.

Dr. Orscini L. Beard, a faculty member with the Department of Criminal Justice at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, explores the challenges practicing attorneys face on a regular basis. He examines common mistakes made by lawyers and provides clear explanations on how to fix them or avoid making them in the first place.

Get answers to questions such as:
•What are the main professional responsibilities you must fulfill to practice law?
•Are there areas where lawyers disagree about standards—and why?
•What ethical considerations are involved when a judge indicates that he or she will increase the sentence if the defendant seeks a trial instead of pleading?
•Is it improper to discuss a case with a member of a client’s family?
•Should an attorney attempt to force a client to plead when the evidence favors the state?

Whether you’re an aspiring lawyer, law student, or new attorney, you’ll learn best practices and how to avoid mistakes with this guide on criminal justice and ethics.

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June 20, 2022
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