Summary of Kevin Leman's Have a New Kid by Friday

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 Your response to your child’s behavior is important. If you respond with a tongue-lashing, your child will feel bad and will probably apologize. If you ignore the behavior, your child will probably get what he wants and feel good about himself.

#2 Parents should be prepared to have teachable moments with their children. These are the moments when reality enters the picture and makes an impact on the child’s mind and heart.

#3 Today’s parents are so concerned about their children being successful and happy that they fail in their most important role: being a parent. They snowplow their child’s road in life, smoothing all the bumps so the child never has to be uncomfortable or go out of his way.

#4 The principles in this book work with 4-year-olds, 14-year-olds, and CEOs of million-dollar companies. They may seem hard-edged, but you came to this book because you want to see changes in your home fast.

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