Summary of Emerson Eggerichs' Love and Respect in the Family

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The Family Crazy Cycle is when a child feels unloved, and they tend to react in a disrespectful manner toward their parents. When a parent feels disrespected, they tend to react in an unloving manner toward their children.

#2 The author’s wife, Sarah, had had enough with parenting the kids. She had a brief thought of wanting to leave her family behind and ride off into the sunset, but she quickly dismissed the idea. She felt like a failure.

#3 The Family Crazy Cycle is when a child reacts negatively when he does not get his way, and when parents react negatively to that, the cycle continues. When parents are not respected, they feel disrespected, and when children do not listen to parents, parents feel disrespected.

#4 I learned the importance of asking the first question: Is my child feeling unloved. But I also began to get in tune with another question that was still forming in my soul during those early years: Am I feeling disrespected. Often I knew I felt disrespected, but I was not sure if I should have these feelings since I was supposed to be the mature adult.

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