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Sample Book Insights:

#1 To be able to adapt to stress, we must first be able to easily adapt to stressful situations. This is called destressifying. It can be done by changing our lifestyle, positive perceptions, and utilization of the daily tools.

#2 There are five basic types of stress: good stress, routine stress, acute stress, chronic stress, and the responses to these stresses. Good stress is a form of short-term stress that occurs when we perceive a stressor as a positive challenge instead of as a negative threat.

#3 Stress is the result of a traumatic event that embeds itself so deeply within us that even after the threat has subsided, we continue to feel the emotional pain and physical damage. Some stresses, however, are good for us and help us feel alive and fulfilled.

#4 Eustress is the thrill we feel when we are excited about a challenge but not really threatened. It is the positive experience we have when we are stressed, and it is achieved when we believe the activity will increase our skill level.

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