Singletons in a PLC at Work®

Navigating On-Ramps to Meaningful Collaboration
by Brig Leane (Author), Jon Yost (Author)
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In a professional learning community, isolation is the enemy of school improvement. But what does collaboration among teachers look like when you can’t easily identify with a team? This book will help singleton teachers first develop clarity on learning essentials, then find creative entry points to form collaborative teams. Drawing from their own experiences, the authors offer practical solutions for eliminating the practice of isolation for all educators.

Collaborative teams will:
  • Understand what meaningful collaboration is and how singletons can utilize the PLC process

  • Build the groundwork for meaningful collaboration using strategies for your specific situation

  • Implement meaningful collaboration as a singleton across separate schools or within the same school

  • Align disparate singletons under the same unifying PLC process


Chapter 1: Meaningful Collaboration

Chapter 2: Singleton On-Ramps for Collaboration

Chapter 3: Preparation for Meaningful Collaboration

Chapter 4: Course-Alike Entry Point—The Virtual Team

Chapter 5: Common-Content Entry Point

Chapter 6: Critical-Friend Entry Point

Chapter 7: Putting It All Together

Afterword: Final Thoughts

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June 21, 2022
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