No! Nos Nos

No! Nos Nos

by Jason W. Smith (Author)
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Aidyn is a young boy getting his first pet. He meets Nos at the local humane society and rescues her. Nos is a beautiful dog and beautiful soul who is welcomed into her new home. Even though she starts as Aidyn’s dog, she soon becomes the family favorite. Read how their relationship grows over the years into an unbreakable bond.

No! Nos Nos is based on the author’s family’s experience with Nos—or Nausica, as she is sometimes called. The book will enlighten and teach children about the process of pet adoption and how a pet enhances their quality of life through companionship.

Author Jason Smith hopes that this book makes parents seriously consider getting their child a pet, encouraging them to learn and grow through experimentation and positivity. A pet can even open a child’s mind and reinforce exploration and discovery. Hopefully in sharing this story, children and adults can experience the joy of loving a pet and having a pet love them.

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June 14, 2022
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