Men, Can We Talk?

Humor & Wisdom
by Clinton Armstead (Author)
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Men, Can We Talk? was born out of Clinton Armstead’s wide collections of speeches, both serious and humorous. He became outraged over mankind’s mistreatment of each other. Whereas all his previous works were nonfiction, Men, Can We Talk? is a collection of nonfictional stories fictionalized. Human activities in the society that he is ashamed of are given a twist of humor and wit.
The guidelines Armstead used for this book were simple: use the excerpts from speeches he had given throughout the years. He has delivered numerous speeches over a forty-year span, and there was no speech given where he could not incorporate humor.
Armstead wanted to keep this book short but packed full, and although being witty and humorous, he wanted it to be truth based, whereas the reader finds himself in each situation.

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June 15, 2022
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