The Universal One

The Universal One

An exact science of the One visible and invisible universe of Mind and the registration of all idea of thinking Mind in light, which is matter and also energy
di Walter Russell (Autore)
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THE UNIVERSAL ONE was originally published in 1927 and distributed to the top scientists in the country. It is being republished at this crucial period for the sole purpose of again releasing vital new scientific knowledge to this new age- of new comprehension.

Today the whole world is in a state of chaos fighting against the forces of greed, envy, jealousy and fear. Disharmony is rife. All of our human relations are in a state of violent upheaval. Civilization is in reverse. Science is being used to destroy instead of to build.

We talk of world peace, yet those who are to plan the new world do not know the answer, the solution. Present knowledge of man's relation to Nature and Natural Law which controls his human relations is, as yet, inadequate to meet the situation.

Man is still too near his jungle to either know the law which inexorably governs his every action and that of everything in Nature or to comprehend that he must obey Nature or be self-destroyed. Still dominated by jungle habits, he settles his human relations by jungle methods. Wars and world chaos will continue until new knowledge applicable to the coming new cycle in man's evolution is acquired by him.

What is this new knowledge?

A consistent cosmogony is sorely needed for this newly dawning day of man's exaltation which is to come.

Walter Russell spent a full seven years in writing this book. When it was first published in 1927, it won more condemnation than favor from a world which was not then as ready for it as now. The book mixed science and metaphysics in a manner which nullified its impression upon physicists. Gradually, however, many of its then radical statements have been verified by some of the world's greatest scientists and have won him many followers.

The physicist draws a sharp line between things which he can in some way detect by the evidence of his senses and things which lie beyond that evidence. There is no denial of a "something" beyond the range of his senses and his sensed instruments, but what may be there is conjectural and, therefore, inadmissible as scientific data of a reliable nature. In other words, material evidence which lies within the narrow limits of man's sense-range is the only admissible evidence to science. But what about that vast range which will not respond to our sensed bodies and sensed instruments?

Down the ages a rare few have been permitted to sever the senses which connect matter with its motivated Source in the consciousness of Universal Mind. These few have become conscious of the cosmos and have tried to tell the world of its simplicity. Each of these has faced an impossible task. The generalities and symbols which they did set down have been discounted and relegated to poetry or metaphysics or mysticism.

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