Summary of Cliff Tan's Feng Shui Modern

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 Feng shui is a Chinese practice that is about applying common sense and instinct when you plan your spaces or build a home. It is about applying principles that are simple to understand, but that lead to the best possible outcomes for your home.

#2 Feng shui is a practice that focuses on the layout and design of a home. It is based on the physical world – landscape, orientation, the environment and energy flow. It doesn’t require any tools, just an understanding of the principles.

#3 Feng shui is a set of theories that guide you to build something in the best possible way. It was not unique to the Chinese, but many cultures have their own rules for building, including the Indian practice of vastu shastra.

#4 Feng shui can’t guarantee any specific outcome. It simply gives you the right environment in which to optimize your performance to achieve your goals. If following a particular theory makes you feel uncomfortable, then it is not in the spirit of feng shui.

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