Summary of Ken Follett's Notre-Dame

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I was on the phone with an old friend when I saw the burning Notre Dame Cathedral on television. I knew the building well, having visited it many times as a child. I understood what was burning and how the fire was gathering strength, but the journalists commenting did not.

#2 The burning of Notre-Dame was a heart-stopping moment for the crowds on the streets and the television viewers. The old church seemed eternal, but it could be destroyed. In the life of every boy is a painful moment when he realizes that his father is not all-powerful and invulnerable.

#3 I was immensely heartened to see most of the walls still standing at Notre-Dame, and I drove to the television studio with a message of hope. I spent Tuesday doing interviews, then flew to Paris for a discussion on the TV program La Grande Librairie about the symbolism of cathedrals in literature and in life.

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