Do Kangaroos Carry Platypuses

by Lynn Hardy Wallace (Author)
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Lynn wrote this book about the design of animals. I believe that children need to know the truth. Debating evolution serves no purpose.

Lynn researched every animal in this book. One editor chose me as their science person. She has seen one of my articles about an animal and she wanted more. I find the study of animals interesting.

God designed and created all animals. Children will like the alliteration, rhyming words, humor, purposeful repetition. Even some adult will enjoy it.

Elizabeth Tangveld said, This is excellent. Elizabeth Brown, an editor, said, "I like it."

One father enjoys reading to his children.

Lynn Hardy Wallace holds a M.A. In Christiain Education. She wrote Christian Curriculum packages, and many magazine articles for children and adults, true stories, and a book of devotions for women (Our Lifeship). She lives on her ancestral home in Colorado. She also watches deer at play, elk with their calves, and birds. At Canyon View Baptist Church her fingers play the piano. For several years her late husband and she served as missionaries to the Navajo Indians.

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June 20, 2022
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