Tails from the Woods

di Rick Gordon (Autore)
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Welcome to Tails from the Woods! This compilation of short stories is about one man's lifetime of experiences hunting and camping alone or with family and friends. These stories contain memories ranging from early childhood to late adulthood that land the author in many different predicaments from which lessons are learned through successes and failures. These lessons, combined with scriptures from the Bible, helped the author to better understand God's Word and His will for our lives. Some of these stories might help novice hunters increase their hunting skills. But most focus on the mistakes that come from inexperience or carelessness that can lead to hilarious and unwanted outcomes. Maybe you're a seasoned hunter. Maybe you are just starting your hunting career. Or maybe you just like to spend time in God's glorious creation. Hopefully, Rick Gordon's stories, combined with thought-provoking scripture, will bring a smile to your face and help you avoid pitfalls in the woods or in your walk with Christ and all His creation!

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20 giugno 2022
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9 MB
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