Summary of Floyd Paseman's A Spy's Journey

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I felt that my reflections after more than a decade at the tops ranks of the Central Intelligence Agency would be of general interest and would help shed some light on what intelligence really does do, really does not do, and how fragile the whole process of human intelligence really is.

#2 I would like to thank the Center for the Study of Intelligence, whose director at the time, Dr. Brian Latell, was very enthusiastic about my participating in the Officer in Residence program. I would also like to thank the Center’s History Department, in particular Dr. Michael Warner and Dr. Kevin Ruffner, who took extra time to provide me with valuable materials for my teaching.

#3 In the tradition of intelligence memoirs, the names, places, and dates in this book have been changed to protect the identities of agents and the operations in which I participated.

#4 I was chosen to be the CIA Chief in Germany in 1994. I was warned that the position was difficult, but I took the personal phone call from the Deputy Director for Operations congratulating me on my new assignment anyway.

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