The NLP Professional

Your Future in NLP
de Karen Falconer (Autor)
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The NLP Professional gives you the practical tools to start, run and grow a successful professional, efficient and ethical NLP-led business. Breaking down the What, How and Why of being an NLP Professional.

Karen Falconer is the CEO and driving force of ANLP International CIC, the world’s most successful independent Association for NLP Professionals. ANLP runs the largest international NLP annual conference.

Karen brings her vast experience of running successful companies, working with SME businesses as a Management Accountant and her skills as a certified NLP Trainer together to create this book. It gives easy-to-follow, practical advice on how to start, run and grow an efficient, professional NLP-led business.

In theNLP Professional, Karen shows that you can have a positive impact delivering NLP and run a successful professional, efficient and ethical business.

Karen first coined the phrase ‘NLP Professional’ in 2010 and it has since become widely used, inside and outside of the NLP community, to describe those in the NLP field who deliver their services according to the ANLP code of ethics that she wrote and the presuppositions of NLP. Karen has found that many people get into NLP businesses to give back what they received from NLP in the first place… and find it challenging to get financial rewards for their services.

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22 de junio de 2022
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